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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  October 25, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> now, let's go to menlo park >> their daughter spoke with abc7 news. >> she's never going to be forgiven. we lost our parents because of her. >> that is the daughter talking about the suspected drunk driver who killed her parents. abc7 news joins us live tonight in menlo park. lillian? >> reporter: family members came to bring flowers and balloons that is where the couple was struck by a car last night. their children didn't learn about it until hours later. >> they are one of a kind, always helpful. >> the three can't believe their parents are gone.. it started getting late, children began to worry >> i came home at 11:00 he wart -- started to worry they said stay put they came about 30 minutes later
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and told us what happened. >> reporter: police say a car struck them from behind killing them. the driver under arrest for two counts of vehicular manslaughter. she has a long history after rests. recent was a misdemeanor dui last year. >> she showed signs, objective symptoms of intoxication. >> reporter: the three children are owning teenagers they say they wanted to speak to us in order to let the community know the pain they're going through, in hopes it will inspire others to avoid drinking and driving. >> they never said no to anyone. always funny, smiling. they don't deserve this. they don't need to be goon. >> reporter: the dog being treated for brain damage but is expected to recover. abc7 news.
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>> drunk driving sad sli -- sad sli on the rise. from 2002, 2007 the number of dui charges increased more than 13% and dui accidents increased 8%. driveing under the influence is the largest cause of fatal car accidents in california. and 2007, drunk drivers killed 2200 people. a man needed to be cut out of his car today. investigators say the man hit the bus head on at montgomery drive around 9:15 this morning the city bus has been carrying nine passengers two went to the hospital to be treated for minor injuries the driver suffered more severe injuries. police are trying to determine who was at fault. also in santa rosa, hundreds marched to protest the shooting
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death of a 13-year-old boy. tuesday, andy lopez shot seven times by a sheriff's deputy who believed a replica ak 47 was the real thing. hundreds held another vigil to remember this boy for the second night in a row. this is now getting national attention. >> they're angry in this community. it's been a long time no, one can remember this much rage. it boiled today but did not boil over. a march of children ending here, at the sheriff's department.. santa rosa today opposite happened >> he was my friend. a march protesting the death of andy lopez on tuesday a sheriff's deputy shot him seven times in the chest, and hip after mistaking a toy he had
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for the real thing. >> i don't know what should happen to the cops but that was wrong. >> kids walked out of class or never showed up today. soon, high schoolers and college kids joined them in this demonstration. teachers, too. >> this is their friend, their family. this is >> deputies looked down from the roof and his parents from the side, kids took over a 200 kwar foot patch of concrete. rest in peace, andy lopez, they wrote. >> it's crazy. i can't believe we started this. >> reporter: harder to believe circumstance that's led to this in the first place. from santa rosa abc7 news.
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>> you may see gridlock downtown this evening. police and firefighters participating in one of the largest training exercises in the country, and they'rer learning ways to prepare for major emergencies such as terrorist attacks. several groups are hosting a rally now and there is a march to frank ogowa plaza. it's a small crowd right now. very controlled at this moment. abc7 news is on the ground with more. laura? >> reporter: hi, cheryl, you can see the siren behind me is a fire truck. this has been very peaceful here, today. let's show t thu -- you this group this, is what we've seen. a group of demonstrators say they've been listening to speakers now. they're beginning to rally. then, a march to city hall and frank ogowa plaza for another
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event there. so far no trouble but police say they're prepared if there is. with dozens of police officers keeping an eye, protestors held a rally in front of the oakland marriott convention center. inside, thousands gathered for the conference >> what we have here is urban shield. which is the largest exercise for police, fire, medical in the nation. >> we have children tla want to be like them. >> but now, you see when police stop young black males, without hesitation, first response to shoot a gun than understanding what is going on. >> reporter: among those a number of young men wearing masks. >> this is not an invitement of
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violence. >> this is >> it's without a face, a name saying i'm one individual. doesn't matter who i a i represent millions behind me. >> reporter: this comes on i two year anniversary between police and occupy and firing of tear gas into the crowd which severely injured a iraq war veteran scott olsen. they're recording much of what goes on >> in this city if your intentions are criminal acts we'll arrest you. >> very to work here every day. i want to feel comfortable to work. >> now there will be plenty of
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documentation. police have a crew out here. they have been shooting all day. and there are demonstrators that have their own set of cameras they're trained on the plus. in oakland abc7 news. >> month reports of damage or injuries in japan after a quake 170 miles from fukishima. four small tsunamis measuring about 15 inches hit the japanese coastline after the quake. the national tsunami warning center says there was no danger along u.s.-west coast, hawaii, alaska or canada. >> well, we continue to follow a massive fire burning in chicago near historic wrigley field we showed you first pictures on abc7 news at 4:00. firefighters have been battling flames nearly two hours now. it started in a
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commercial building four block frtz chicago cubs ballpark. the flames then spread to an apartment building next door. the fire has not affected chicago train service. there you can see trains passing close to the flames but they're still running. no word on what caused the fire. at this point no reports of injuries. >> i can't imagine riding over that. power remains off after an electrical fire. police and fire responded to reports of an explosion at the civilian on south first street this morning. they found a man with burn as above the waist the man was a worker caught in a flash burn in a basement electrical box. second person injured while assisting a patient in the local area. most have been transported to local emergency rooms. >> pg&e turned off power to the building forcing restaurants to
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miss the lunch crowd. >> investigators looking into the cause of a fire that gutted a stress straunt. the fire started this morning. the restaurant still closed at the time the cause is a mystery here. the flames did cause damage to the apartments above. >> there is fire into second floor, third floor. so units we had to open walls, to extinguish the fire. >> everyone got out safely the apartments again suffered smoke, and water damage the restaurant, owner who own twoz other eateries is the brother of former new york yankees player. this is a busy friday evening. fbi calls this man a master of illusion what. he's doing on ebay that has federal agents hunting him down. >> also, "x files." what happened after the sun unleashes
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one of the strongest solar flares? >> bay area students get a treat going where few have gone. soon, californians from to salinas to san diego will have equal access to quality health insurance. those who need financial assistance will get it. and nobody will be denied because of a pre-existing condition. welcome to a new state of health. welcome to covered california. we are your health insurance marketplace. enroll today at or call 1-800-300-1506.
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federal agents say they have seized bit coins from the head of a notorious black market for drugs known as silk road. investigators say he used alias dread pirate roberts to operate a billion dollar online market in illegal drugs he denies charges officials say the 144,000 bit coins concities fis skated is the largest seize of crypto
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currency, ever fbi is on the hunt for a man they say made $3 million selling nonexistent cars. and not just ebay. fbi says they used, auto and cycle officials say victims would be e mailed invooes voices supposedly from amazon with instructions to transfer money to bank accounts fbi says the men created fake web sites, and counterfeit ownership pap yefrs. justice officials call the men masters of illusion >> nsa public web site went down this afternoon. a spokesperson for the agency tells a about. c news they're looking into the issue but say internal network was not compromised and no class bid information in danger.
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groups called responsibility >> michael hayden was riding on a train giving interviews to reporters when a passenger decided to tweet everything he was saying. the passenger tom matsy sent out tweets like this one. michael hayden giving quotes about the obama administration. he got the former spy bows boss to pose for a picture with him after someone tipped off hayden his words had been posted >> oh, my. >> well, east palo alto police chief stepping down after eight years on the job. he says he's taking a new position in washington, d.c. he made at announcement today the position is director of the xhun community policing effort. the
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50-year-old started his police career in oakland the last day is november 8th. >> parents know the terms for education. it's science, technology, engineering and math mattic chz are critical for students in future careers well, today, several businesses and a nonprofit created a real stem field trip, 200 students got to tour in fremont. >> they're excited about discovering new things. anxious to learn, and curious >> the question how long does it take to make a car? >> where are the kids? what are they doing? about 200 were lucky to get the first ever tour of the tesla factory. tesla opened doors to demonstrate how science, technology and math are used in
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daily lives. tesla and google paired up to show kids many they too can succeed in this field. >> kids don't realize they can do the jobs and science and engineer sag greatest job in the world make the world a better place through intention. >> students learned how they work from an internal camera >> this is really interesting >> i like this here and everything >> it's cool to look at. >> this is the only stem related place, the brother of the ceo about to introduce the kitchen
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community to northern california students. it's a garden to have outdoor classes >> if we can inspire ten kids to have the same level people can have we've got to do it. >> reporter: students invited to a movie, perhaps best example of the endless possibilities. and it only takes a few days to build a tesla. the factory now making 500 per week. >> great experience for the young people. tolls going up on the golden gate bridge. one plan hiking tolls by $one several directors were pushing for a gradual increase. not one jump like that. also on the table eliminating fast track discount.
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the gone up in five years. officials in marin considering a third lane. idea to take the shoulder lane which is used for vehicle that's breakdown and commute night a traffic lane. >> that is a mess >> sometimes taking two hours to get home. well, sandhya patel is here iet does. not going to be a mess. there are people still going to make plans for the weekend if you're going to walk your dog it's just going to be stunning weekend you might want to take kids to the park. there are clouds starting to thin out. look at
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the really cool view from our camera. we're seeing high clouds and nice gap here as circulation around an area of low pressure is sending clouds in the direction i'll show it to you in just a moment temperatures 60 degrees in oakland 67. 60 san francisco, that s 66 san jose. half moon bay, 57. temperatures came up today across the bay area upper 50s to upper 70s a nice day. you probably felt the different outside. san jose, high, wispy clouds. it's 66 in napa. 77 livermore. this beautiful view. clouds and sun. sunny mild fr the weekend. cooler monday. looking at dry weather for trick or treaters so a treat not a trick for sure. high pressure still controlling
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factor here. continues down south and just send more clouds our way before it moves out of here. tonight looking for high clouds. once they pass through goitsing to clear out nicely tomorrow afternoon, sunny and warmer. looking at the extended forecast we're going to go beyond weekend. there is that low there is another one coming down from british columbia bringing in cooler weather next week. so monday, you won't believe what temperatures are going to look like. sierra nevada a mix of light showers and snow showers so we'll be watching that area carefully for you. overnight tonight low 40s to low 50s in the morning if your kids have soccer or a game, need that jacket. it will be on the cool side mainly clear conditions tomorrow afternoon, 76 degrees in the south bay. 78 morgan hill. 77 los gatos. on the peninsula, mid-70s to mountain
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view. 64 on the coast. daily city, downtown san francisco, 70 degrees and north bay, santa rosa, napa, you're in upper 70s fine-looking fall weather. inland spots around were you should be with 80 in fairfield and livermore. 77 in walnut creek. accu-weather forecast temperatures remaining mild sunday. slight down turn on the coast. much cooler monday we're going to warm up mid week into 70s. halloween is dry. you're going raiders game sunday mild, sunny. they take on steelers, beautiful weather. >> thank you. >> well, just ahead doesn't that -- why drinking coffee in the morning may not be the best time to get a caffeine fix. >> new at 6:00 surveying worst of the damage from a devastating rim fire near yosemite the story only on abc7 news at 6:00. cheryl and i will be right back here.
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what you're seeing is not snow, it's heavy fog in among goala. the heavy fog the result of a strong cold current driven the temperatures down to below ten degrees. well, far, far away a solar flare from the sun caused a radio blackout today the flare at just after 1:00 a.m our time. it's the strongest one yet this week. it's registered as an x class event. the most powerful type of the space weather scale. it's also second one in just hours. and it comes on the heels of a solar storm just days ago. >> 150 members of the columbia navy landed in san francisco. it's the latest port of call for the gloria, in the middle of a good will training cruise. for a
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ship, bus or land lovers it's open to the public starting today and running through tuesday. you can check it out at pier 17 on embarcadero. it's free to everybody. a program working with for poorest of the poor kids in san francisco honored the district attorney and his wife today. the all stars project chose this couple for commit toment working with disadvantaged children and young people. the all star project uses music and dance to steer young people into successful lives. >> they don't turn anyone down. they don't wait for kids to come to them. they go into neighborhoods that only cops and people that live there and occasional the fire department will go to. i came from a poor background. ways a high school drop jouchlt i know what it's
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like to struggle. >> i had the honor of mcing the lunchen that has a partnership that provides intern ship for older kids. if you'd like to get involved log on to our web site fr a link >> that is fantastic. congratulations. odds are your morning routine includes coffee. if it doesn't give you a jolt you're looking for, there may be a reason. according to smithsonian the optimal time is between 9:30 and 11:30 in the morning. experts believe drinking caffeine during this time will have the biggest ben fichlt vow to time it just right. >> okay. >> lesson learned >> so weekend starts now? huh? >> coming up next, when most of
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to those who've been waiting welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage, and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll today at
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in the abc7 newsroom at 6:00 the frightening assault on a world war ii veteran inside of his home. a 92-year-old talks about one thing that probably saved his life. also efforts by local techies to show why san francisco may soon overtake silicon valley as capitol of innovation. now back to dan and cheryl >> thank you. see you then >> so did your weekend start at 2:39 today? >> today, or maybe yesterday? >> a survey found that is the time on friday afternoon most shift into weekend mode. >> they get that friday feeling then, spend afternoon browsing facebook and e mailing friends really? we don't do that >> put that down and having worked overtime the rest of the week. 2:39 is the magic moment >> i'm cheryl jennings >> i'm dan ashley. thanks for
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watching we appreciate your time. connect with us on facebook and abc7 news bay area. welcome to world news tonight, the search is on for the two americans, kidnapped by pirates. brian ross here with new details. shopping while black, high end store called police on black customers buying luxury belts and purses? and why a music superstar is caught in the middle. and mystery solved, the little girl known as maria, her real mother comes forward. and tells the strange story of a hidden world. and good evening to you on this friday night, and as we come on the air, two american families are huddled with the fbi, the search underway for their loved ones, kidnapped by pirates. the men were last located on this stretch of ocean off the


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